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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 10:29

Now That We've Moved In

Now that we've moved in to our 'new' kitchen, there are some incomplete projects that will probably take us awhile to finish. Most of them are not really obvious, like a few pieces of kick plate and cornice that need to be cut and attached, but the tile backsplash is still missing, which is quite obvious - especially where we ended the red paint in the middle of the wall at a point where we expect the tile to cover when it's finished.

Anyway, here it is just before we moved back in:

Almost everything is completely changed except the one light fixture over the sink (we have a new one, just haven't replaced it yet), and the white brick surrounding the doorway.  The brick used to cover that entire wall with the pantry door, but we had to remove it to put in the pocket door - and I like the red wall.  I think the white brick is the perfect amount to accent the room - and make it a little bit more unique. 

A little different than a few months ago:

Just a reminder of what it looked like before:

We bought our kitchen from IKEA during their kitchen event, which meant that we received 10% back in IKEA gift cards. With the approximately $300 that we got back, we bought ourselves a new kitchen table to go in our newly expanded space.  We had thought our kitchen chairs to be in good shape, which it turns out they aren't so we plan to replace those soon also, but all in all I think the improvement is pretty spectacular. 

We bought a table that expands to seat 10 people, which we can do now that we don't have a wall between the kitchen and living room. We've already had quite a few 'dinner parties', filling up our new table, and I'm looking forward to hosting many more! 

Glad to be mostly done with renovations, but dreading the task of finishing up the small bits of work that still need to be completed. Motivation will be an issue. But so glad to have a kitchen again!  

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