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Friday, 21 June 2013 08:31

Planning the Week Ahead Late on Friday

I don't want to stop doing this, because it holds me accountable to do activities with my kids, so here goes - what we did this past week...

Clara helped me bake the cake for her Half Birthday Party last weekend, which mostly meant she helped me stir, and taste the batter...

We finally fingerpainted! Well, sort of... I brought out the paper and finger paints and then Clara demanded a brush.

And at the same time, I set Audrey up with some coloured yogurt on her high chair tray. Clara was about 10 Months Old the first time I tried finger painting with her, and she loved it! Audrey didn't get quite as into it as Clara did that time, but then Audrey is a couple months younger so maybe this made all the difference. Or, possibly, Audrey won't be as interested in painting as I might hope... :)

She does look pretty interested in these photos, but I watched her pretty closely waiting for a smile. 

To be fair, she didn't hate it... she's Audrey, she doesn't hate anything... but seriously check out the psycho grin on Clara's face when she was 10 months old! 

When Clara was about 18 months old, I tried a homemade recipe and she painted outdoors. The homemade recipe was easy enough, but it did require some cooking and in the end I decided that considering the clean-up involved already, for Clara I prefered to use store-bought paints. 

With the 'Color of the Week' theme, I tried to find opportunities to point out 'green' to Clara. She actually has no trouble recognizing green (unlike her orange/yellow issue), so I also started introducing her to colour mixing. For example, when she was fingerpainting, I put some yellow and blue paint close together and asked her to mix the two colours and tell me what colour they made. She easily said 'Green' as if she knew what was coming so I asked her what yellow and red would make and before I began mixing those two she was already yelling 'Orange!'. She must have learned this before somewhere... Also, Audrey's yogurt was died blue and yellow, to use as an additional example for Clara.

The coolest thing we did this week (I think) was dying the shaving foam with food colouring to use as bath paints. The paint looked so yummy we had to remind her not to eat it...

I was worried, because of my recent obsession with keeping my house - particularly my bathroom - clean, that the food colouring in the shaving foam would stain the walls, but I wiped everything down immediately afterward and it didn't leave even a hint of colour behind. 

It turned the water a crazy colour of green, though (more on the 'green' theme) and in the end when bathtime was soon to be over I used globs of mixed foam to make little islands in her 'ocean' bath.

I had never played with shaving foam before, so this was entirely new to me, and I can't wait to experiment with it some more!

This week didn't get very warm, so no painting on the deck with Clara. I also didn't remember to build an obstacle course for her - that would be a fun activity to do when she has a friend or two over, I think. She did have a lot of playdates, and during one of them although we didn't quite do this 'Outdoor Play Cooking' idea that I found online, I did let her bring her toy dishes outside to use inside her awesome new playhouse. 

For Audrey specifically this week I was finally able to easily find some tissue paper. Actually, I was cleaning up from Clara's gift opening and instead of throwing away the tissue paper, I tossed it to where Audrey was playing on the floor.  She enjoyed it for awhile. I also was quite conscious of letting her hang out on the floor more this week - either sitting down or on her belly - and she's definitely showing improvements already in her movement. She can't crawl yet, but she can swivel herself around on her belly and push herself backwards with her hands. You can tell when she wants a toy that is out of her reach that she's trying to figure out how to get to it, which is a pretty good start I think. 

This week has been mostly rainy, and I'm expecting more of the same, so most of my activities will have to be for indoor play.

For Clara, I would like to...

  • Set up an obstacle course (we'll try this again, since we could do this indoors or outdoors)
  • Paint with water on the deck (only if the weather improves)
  • The 'Color of the Week' this week is red, so somehow I would like to highlight that colour for her
  • Since I have shaving foam, I might try this 'Fluffy Stuff' recipe for a sort of molding clay

No great ideas for Audrey this week, although I need to continue letting her sit and have tummy time every day as much as possible.  

I think I hear the girls stirring...

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