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Thursday, 13 December 2012 10:23

My 6-Week Post-Partum Update

A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that in her experience, two weeks after giving birth she would think 'Now I'm back to normal!' (physically), but then 2 weeks after that she would realize that no, 'NOW, I'm back to normal!' and then another two weeks would go by so that finally by 6 weeks post-partum she would finally really BE 'back to normal'.

After Clara's birth, it took me a lot longer than 6 weeks.  So, that after Audrey was born and I felt AWESOME I really did start thinking I was 'back to normal' in only a couple of weeks.  I knew, though, that my inability to keep my head above water with taking care of two babies and house cleaning and piano teaching and cooking... was partially due to the fact that I was physically not ready to be running in so many circles. 

Last Friday was 6 weeks. Then some kind of cold virus went through our house and I felt like crap over the weekend.  Of course I refused to properly rest and spent the weekend shopping anyway, because I can't pass up an opportunity to get out of the house!

Monday morning I really did feel like I was finally, truly, 'back to normal'. Since I haven't been working regularly outside of the home (since I was 6 months pregnant with Clara) I have been showering in the evening, going to bed with wet hair, and trying to stay in bed as long as humanly possible each morning.  This week I decided it was time to be finished with that, and refused to shower on Sunday night.  This meant I was forced to get up early enough in the morning to shower before my husband left for work (because I still haven't figured out how - or been brave enough - to shower with Clara running around the house).

Monday was a great day for me.  I was up early(ish), I got the house cleaned and cupcakes made and decorated for Clara's little birthday deal in the evening.  I played and coloured with her and we made some Christmas cards. I even got some laundry put away! Clara was oddly fussy all day for getting more attention from me than usual, but maybe she was just excited for her Grandparents to come over...

Physically, I'm a little bit ahead of the game after this pregnancy.  I was 5 months pregnant in June when my Dad died, but instead of having gained weight, I had actually lost 10lbs.  By the time Audrey was full-term, I had gained only a few pounds total - not even enough to cover her weight. When I walked out of the hospital, I weighed exactly what I had when I got pregnant, and have since lost a few more pounds. 

Unfortunately, my love of night-snacking has returned with a vengeance, just in time for the holidays :(

Probably partly because of the weight, I have a lot more energy and I'm feeling good about getting back into a routine again.  I'm looking forward to feeling like I've actually accomplished something on a daily basis.

Breastfeeding hasn't gone as well with Audrey as it did with Clara, contrary to the idea that second children will be easier.  She doesn't drink with as much vigor as Clara did, and Audrey will pull away often and frequently seem satisfied with a small snack and then refuse to eat any more.  It's frustrating, because I know she's going to want more in about an hour, but there's no way to make her eat more at one time - she just won't. 

Also, on a more disgusting note - I suddenly have the most horrendous b.o. and I think it must have something to do with breastfeeding.  I Google'd it, and found I wasn't the only one to blame breastfeeding on sudden b.o. issues, so I'm hoping it will go away afterward? In the meantime, I've had to throw away a couple of washcloths because they wouldn't lose the smell and made the bathroom smell absolutely awful.  I learned about 'clinical strength' deodorant and have been using that for the past week - it seems to work pretty well, actually.  Has anyone else ever had that problem? This didn't happen with Clara!

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