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Monday, 22 October 2012 09:00

Pregnancy Update - 39 weeks... There Can't be Many More of These...

How far along? 39 weeks – today, I guess! I thought my 'official' due date was October 28th, but when we were at the hospital on Saturday the doctor said 'October 29th' was the date on my chart. Whatever.

How big is baby? The only thing new I know from last week is that my fundus measurement was 37 centimeters.

Weight gain/loss? At my last appointment I was exactly 3kg heavier than I had been when I got pregnant, which is about 6.6 lbs.

Feeling: Pretty sick of pregnancy. I've been having the occasional 'pregnant' headache, but my biggest annoyance right now are the contractions. We were in the hospital on Saturday evening for a 'false alarm', and early this morning I had about 3 hours of contractions spaced at 5 minutes apart – and these ones got quite painful. In the end, I decided that I would be more comfortable at home anyway, so I might as well 'stick it out' as long as possible. Good thing I did, because they must have gone away and I eventually fell asleep.

Maternity clothes? I actually purchased Maternity clothes this past week – as I was packing for the hospital, I realized I didn't have much for 'comfy' clothing for labour or post-partum. Also, a local Maternity store had PJ sets on sale, so I spoiled myself. I've been thinking I might want to stock up on nursing shirts for this 'go around' also... with Clara I got creative with layers, but I might want something nicer for the next year or two. Especially now that I know it will likely be a year or two...

Sleep: Not much last night, with the contractions and all... I've been experiencing the odd 'itchy time' before falling asleep – is this normal? I had to go and have a bath last night also, to make the itching go away... just dry skin?

Food cravings/aversions: I'm hyper sensitive to spices and salt – I really hope that goes away after the baby is born.

Movement? Yes, lots! It seems she has decided she has enough room after all... or she's trying to dig herself out.

Baby Preparations: Finally got the hospital bag packed (AFTER the false alarm, of course :)

What I'm looking forward to or NOT looking forward to: Not really looking forward to being in the hospital again, but I'm definitely looking forward to finally meeting this little girl!

Next Appointment:. Thursday!

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